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Adventure Cables

Adventure Cables

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In this exploration of cable knitting, Meghan Jones goes way beyond the traditional cables of knit stitches crossing over purl stitches. Instead of stopping the overall patterning of the garment when she reaches the cables, she continues the stitch pattern through the cables, working lace, textures, colorwork, and even cables on top of other cables. It is truly an innovative approach to cables and one that will have you drooling over the possibilities.


Meghan explains her cable-making process step by step, showing you how to work her charts and patterns. Once you’ve got the basics, you are ready to work her 19 patterns for sweaters, wraps, socks, and more using her inventive cables. The patterns are divided into five sections based on the type of stitch pattern that is being cabled: texture stitches, lace stitches, cabled stitches, mosaic stitches, and stranded stitches.

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