Collection: Retwisst T-Shirt Yarn

T-shirt Yarn is recycling-focused brand ReTwisst's first product. Produced from fabric remnants of textile companies without chemical processes, production surplus comes to ReTwisst as fibers or fabric pieces. These are then sorted by quality and assembled in their factory, resulting in big cakes of environmentally friendly and fun to use T-shirt Yarn.

Since ReTwisst uses waste fabrics for this yarn, the colors in stock constantly change depending on fashion trends and seasonal colors. Also, the weight, length and thickness may vary because of the type and content of a recycled fabric.

Crafting with yarn this thick is super quick and easy. If you don’t like the finished project, just rip it to crochet another design. Ripping doesn't damage T-Shirt yarn. This will give you the chance to crochet again and again in new designs.

Material: 90% Recycled Cotton, 10% Elastane

Size: Minimum 110m, Average 150m lenght

Weight: 600-1000g

Needle Size: 10mm - 25mm

Crochet Size: 8mm - 12mm

Care: Machine wash gentle